Friday, May 19, 2017

Week 68


What a week? Isn't everyone just so happy to be alive? I am so blessed! LOVE this area. Love my companion. Love mothers day. Love technology so I could see everyone's face! I just love it all! Love my mission! Probably am the happiest missionary out there right now! 

So here's a quick run down of our week. Ready. Set. GO! 

Lily got baptized!!! She is the cutest person ever. It was a great service and a ton of people came to support her. Not too much more to add to that haha. They invited us to their sealing in the next few weeks so that's gonna be the best thing ever! I love the temple and isn't that the goal to be able to see all of our investigators get to the temple?

Ok, so on Saturday we had a lesson with Jose. We haven't been able to see him in a few weeks but we finally got to see him. So Jose told us he wants to get baptized he just isn't ready yet. He doesn't know what's holding him back but we don't know either... So we read Mosiah 18:8-10. In verse 10 it says, "if these are the desires of your heart, what have ye against being baptized?" basically... I'm paraphrasing. haha anyways. right there and then we call our district leader and asked him what he was doing and if he could do a baptismal interview with Jose. He said yes! So we drove up to Filer, from Hollister which is like a 20 minute drive then Jose had his baptismal interview. He won't be getting baptized right now... but he's working towards it! Please pray for him!!

We set a marriage and bap date with the Esta's. Nailed it!! Also, brother Stuart stopped smoking.  #BLESSINGS

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Keep the faith!

Sister Summer Stone

Lily's baptism!
Hailey's lesson at the park
wind in idaho... you're welcome
Preparation day last week

Week 67


This week has been so incredible. I seriously love my mission so much. I learn so much everyday. I love this area! ok, let's just jump right into the week cause i dont havce much time!

This week we were able to have some awesome lessons with the Stuarts. We were talking about following the prophet then all of a sudden I felt like I needed to ask Dan and Alex (Brother Stuarts sons) if they would prepare themselves to be baptized when their dad is getting baptized. They both said "YES" They know that this gospel will bless their family. they know they want to be with their family forever. 

On Sunday morning before stake conference Brother Stuart called us and he was like "I don't think I'll be coming today... I don't feel good." I prayed so hard that he would come to stake conference because I knew he would benefit... surprise! he showed up and they whole confernece was focused on the temple. Just what he needed!

I love you all and I know this gospel is true.


Sister Summer Stone

Preparation day last week, we played frisbee golf
Happy Cinco de Mayo
Happy Cinco de Mayo (pt 2) #perksofhavingamexicancomp

Week 66


Weeks full of miracles are a usual thing now. I love my mission so much! Everyday I just think how lucky I am to be here! I love Idaho and I love the people! I love this area and I love my companion!

Update on our week... So there is this family, the Hawkins and they have an 11 year old daughter named Lily who wants to get baptized ASAP so they can go to the temple and get sealed ASAP. She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She is SO smart and she loves to read so she has been all over reading the Book of Mormon everyday. It is amazing that every time we teach kids the lessons I am reminded of how beautiful and simple this gospel is. I know that this is ALL TRUE! If we focus on the simple things in the gospel we will never go wrong and we will never go astray. If we read the Book of Mormon everyday like President Monson asked us to we will be able to find that peace and that foundation of our testimony.

We are continuing to work with Brother Stuart and his family. He came to church this week and stayed for 2 hours instead of 1!! He said the spirit that he feels makes him feel so much peace. Sister Mata and I have seen a change in him too. The spirit we feel when we come into his home. We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and he was able to recognize the truth of it. 

I love this gospel and I love my mission! I love you all!!


Sister Summer Stone

District meeting
rain ALL week
Temple picture from last week (S/O to Sister Bartlett)

Selfie w/ Sister Mata #basic

Week 65


This week has been awesome. I know that God's hand is in our work each and every day. 

We have been working with so many people who are prepared here in Idaho. I know that this work is true and this work is for everyone.

So we have this investigator Brother Stewart and he has been taking the lessons from the missionaries for like ever!! Anyways, he is one of the most prepared people I have met. We were able to talk with him about faith and taking those steps of faith last week and we set a baptismal date with him. This week he cancelled our appointment and that broke our hearts but he walked into church this week and everything that was said was FOR HIM!! He felt the spirit I know it. He is struggling with health right now but since he's been having faith and taking these steps closer to God, he has been blessed!!

I love this gospel and I love you all!


Sister Summer Stone

Week 64


Ok, so I am so sorry that my emails the past few weeks have been so lame. The weeks just keep going faster and faster and I can't keep track! I literally can't even believe how fast the time goes. So here's a rundown on our week and the people we have been working with.

So the Esta's... Where do I even start? I love these people so SO much. Last week we taught their family the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She looked at us and said, "You guys, literally everything you're saying is what I had questions about... but I didn't tell you. This is so weird." We told her, "Sister Esta, it isn't weird. haha We felt really prompted to teach you this." and then she was like, "Ok, I really wanna know for myself like you do if this is true, like you say you feel it...I wanna feel that." We then talked with her about faith and invited her to act on that faith. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted a baptismal date! We are working with her and she will get baptized in the next few weeks. PLEASE pray for her

So DESEA is so awesome. She is seriously one of the most prepared people I have ever met. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and is looking forward to the day she gets to enter the waters of baptism. We were talking with her this week about some of the commandments (Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity... fun stuff haha) and she looks at us and says, "I know that these are all what I need to do."

Sister Brown is amazing. She got baptized a few weeks ago and she is like a sponge just soaking everything in. We went to the temple this past week to do baptisms for the dead and she didn't want to leave. She was the last one to walk out the door. It is so adorable to see how excited she is to be learning and seeing so many new things. When we watched conference with her she paused the TV and walked up to take a picture of Thomas S. Monson. Seriously soaking it all in. 

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Keep the faith!

Sister Stone

1: The Esta's (She's pregnant if you were wondering)
2: Going to the temple with Sister Brown
3: Desea!!
4: COWS! #welcometoIdaho

Week 63


OK, not too much time but this week has been so full of miracles. I know the spirit guides us in all of our lessons and conversations. This week has been so awesome. I wish I had more time to write but I don't so just know that I love you all and I know this gospel is true ahhaha 
Keep the faith!!

Sister Summer Stone

1: Zone training 
2: Happy Easter everyone!

3: We got a flat tire and luckily we have awesome members who help us