Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 32


Woah, ok. So we just got transfers and I'm white washing and follow up training on the other side of Idaho. Its called Oakley. Its in the middle of nowhere and we cover a whole stake. I'm so sad. I absolutely loved this area and the members we have worked with. But I'm excited for something new because we have a huge area and I've never had anything like that. I went from 1 square mile to 2 square miles to A LOT MORE haha. Its a lot colder there though so mom please send me some warm scarfs. haha my snow boots are about to come in MAJOR handy! 

So this week we had a mission tour and Elder Lawrence from the quorum of the 70 came and he gave an awesome training and brought the hammer down on obedience! haha but yeah. It was an awesome meeting. We all left so motivated to be obedient and to work hard the best we could. 

We taught a lesson to Allison this week, It was incredible. The spirit was so strong! We taught her the first half of the plan of salvation and she told us it just made sense to her. She has been reading the BofM and feels really good about it. We invited her to be baptized and she said YES! Hopefully when Sister Nelson and her new companion are done teaching her I'll be able to come all the way from Oakley for her baptism.

We met an amazing guy this week and his name is Matt Hiscox. His 19 yr old son passed away a few weeks ago and from that hes been able to see so many of the miracles and his testimony of a life after this life has been strengthened. He told us some spiritual experiences hes had and we could just tell that heavenly Fatehr has been preparing him for this time. We gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and he was really excited to read it. When we asked to set up a return appointment he looked at us and said, "You girls seem like you know whats going on and you really got it together. Can I take you girls to lunch and we'll talk more about this? I wanna learn more!" So we set up lunch with him tomorrow! I can't wait to hear about his progression and see how the gospel blesses his life!

Anyways, theres our crazy week haha I love you all so so much! Keep the Faith and Send some love! (I'll need it out in Oakley all by myself...... hahaha AHHHHH)

Sister Summer Stone
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1. Mission Tour
2. Idaho pic, get ready to see more of these out in the middle of nowhere 
3. More mission tour

4. Saying goodbye to Sister Hallums :( Say Aloha to the ocean for me Makuna! haha

Week 31


Ok, don't worry mom! This email will be better than last weeks I promise. haha yesterday everyone was making comments about how we get a labor day off too cause we work so hard then they would say, "Well, pday every week is kinda like a labor day" lemme tell ya folks... its not haha pday is one of the most packed stressful days of the week. and you can probably tell from my email last week. but seriously.. as a missionary. EVERYDAY is the complete opposite from Labor day... We never get a day off haha

So this week wasn't as busy as last week but we've still been able to see miracles. We had a lesson with Blaine, a less active, this week and we taught him about the importance of fasting and the blessing we can receive from it. While we were studying I thought it was interesting that we dont have the strength physically but by fasting we can gain strength spiritually. I am so grateful we can fast!!  I know that fasting works and we cans see the miracles from it every time we fast. Blaine also stayed for all 3 hours of church this week. He hadn't stayed for priesthood yet and he really loved it. He just keeps on progressing each week more and more!

We did service this week as a district. We helped a part member family move. They were so shocked and excited to see and know that there were actually sister missionaries serving. haha I guess not everyone knows sisters can serve too. They always just picture the boys on their bikes with the white shirts. haha but that was really fun! We got pizza and got to scrub some baseboards. I love my district. 

Speaking of district, we had a really good district meeting this week on family history and how we can implement it into our missionary efforts. We role played and I didn't realize how easy it is to just bring up family history work and invite them to come to the family history center and to learn more about their ancestors. But yeah, pumped for that to kick start! haha 

Every Friday we go and do service at an assisted living home that a member, Sister Perry, lives at. We paint their nails. She is one of the most popular 85 year old laides I know. She was knocking on everyone's door to tell them it was time to paint nails today and I could've sworn, half of the ladies who lived in the home came. And its a big home... so that's a lot of people haha! 

Other than that, our week has been pretty boring. I love you all!! Here's some pictures for your enjoyment.

Keep the faith! Remember, ITS ALL TRUE!!!

Sister Summer Stone

1. Idaho and its beautiful mountains! 
2. District service
3. last week pday. downtown with the sisters
4. Sister Perry. One of my favorite ladies on the planet

5. every missionary has to have one of these pictures

Week 30


AHH ok, so short time to write but I love you all! We've been keeping real busy and we got 2 new investigators this week. One's name is Allison and she's is super golden. She's 18 and seriously been prepared to be learning about what we believe. We're really excited for her. 
Shige (the 90 yr old Japanese) came to church again and we went to dinner her some members and her on Saturday. We taught her twice this week. She really understood the PofS which is an amazing miracle because sometimes she cant even hear us. The spirit was so incredibly strong as she prayed. 

well heres some picctures!

Keep the faith!!

Sister Summer Stone
Sorry this is SO short!

temple today with the zone
the whole clan at dinner

some of my fav sisters!!