Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 31


Ok, don't worry mom! This email will be better than last weeks I promise. haha yesterday everyone was making comments about how we get a labor day off too cause we work so hard then they would say, "Well, pday every week is kinda like a labor day" lemme tell ya folks... its not haha pday is one of the most packed stressful days of the week. and you can probably tell from my email last week. but seriously.. as a missionary. EVERYDAY is the complete opposite from Labor day... We never get a day off haha

So this week wasn't as busy as last week but we've still been able to see miracles. We had a lesson with Blaine, a less active, this week and we taught him about the importance of fasting and the blessing we can receive from it. While we were studying I thought it was interesting that we dont have the strength physically but by fasting we can gain strength spiritually. I am so grateful we can fast!!  I know that fasting works and we cans see the miracles from it every time we fast. Blaine also stayed for all 3 hours of church this week. He hadn't stayed for priesthood yet and he really loved it. He just keeps on progressing each week more and more!

We did service this week as a district. We helped a part member family move. They were so shocked and excited to see and know that there were actually sister missionaries serving. haha I guess not everyone knows sisters can serve too. They always just picture the boys on their bikes with the white shirts. haha but that was really fun! We got pizza and got to scrub some baseboards. I love my district. 

Speaking of district, we had a really good district meeting this week on family history and how we can implement it into our missionary efforts. We role played and I didn't realize how easy it is to just bring up family history work and invite them to come to the family history center and to learn more about their ancestors. But yeah, pumped for that to kick start! haha 

Every Friday we go and do service at an assisted living home that a member, Sister Perry, lives at. We paint their nails. She is one of the most popular 85 year old laides I know. She was knocking on everyone's door to tell them it was time to paint nails today and I could've sworn, half of the ladies who lived in the home came. And its a big home... so that's a lot of people haha! 

Other than that, our week has been pretty boring. I love you all!! Here's some pictures for your enjoyment.

Keep the faith! Remember, ITS ALL TRUE!!!

Sister Summer Stone

1. Idaho and its beautiful mountains! 
2. District service
3. last week pday. downtown with the sisters
4. Sister Perry. One of my favorite ladies on the planet

5. every missionary has to have one of these pictures

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