Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 62


Wow! I love General Conference. Every session was packed full of such good stuff. Can we just say, (for those of you who watched the priesthood session) Rule #6 is literally my moto. If you don't know what rule #6 is, go watch President Uchtdorf's talk in the priesthood session. 

We taught the Plan of Salvation so many times this week and it just reconfirmed my testimony. I love weeks like this where we are able to focus on the importance and the beautiful simplicity of having a forever family. Did anyone else notice that there were so many people who talked about the plan of salvation in conference. 

We taught the Plan of Salvation to Desea and she loved it. She is one of the most prepared people I have ever met. 

I loved what President Monson said about the Book of Mormon. I know that when we study everyday and get that testimony that we will never fall. 

Sorry this is so short. 

KEEP THE FAITH!! Love you all

Sister Summer Stone

1: Filer! Love it here!
2: Selfie with bad lighting sorry haha
3: The Esta's bearded dragon

Week 61


WHAT A WEEK? Oh my goodness! haha I love my mission. I know I say it every week but really though. I do love my mission!! I will never regret my time here. I seriously learn something new every single day. Whether it's something about having a dairy, a farm, or something about the gospel I really do learn something new everyday! 

So, earlier this week started out with so many miracles. We go to dinner at a members home every Monday night and they started inviting a friend to come. Her name is Decia and she is 19 years old. We have been slowly teaching her the gospel but we felt prompted to invite her to be baptized and at first she was kind of hesitant but as soon as she said yes, the spirit came over her and we all were crying. She was hugging us and said, "I feel so good about this now! Thank you Sister's" we are so excited for Decia! Pray for her please :)

Yesterday Sister Mata and I gave talks in the Hollister branch and it was a little bigger than the Jackpot, NV branch but we were able to convey our message and the spirit was so beautiful there. We each talked about our favorite Book of Mormon stories and I couldn't even decide. But i ended up sharing the story of Alma the younger. I know that the atonement is real!


Sister Summer Stone

1: We were low on miles so we've been biking. Mom, aren't you proud? All those cycle classes were good for something ;) haha
2: Milking cows for service... I enjoyed it haha I really did
3: Our district went on a hike to see Shoshone falls
4: I better have a sweet scar... haha 

Week 60


Oh my goodness. This week could not have gone faster. Did I just email like 2 days ago because that's what it feels like. There have been so many incredible miracles we've seen this week. 

First off, we had Zone Conference and that was AWESOME! We talked about working with the youth to find new investigators. At the end of President Bartletts testimony he goes, "you know what? We are so blessed to be so close to one of God's amazing creations. How would you all feel about all going to Shoshone falls right now?" For those of you who don't know, Shoshone falls nickname is the Niagara of the west. So there were about 50 missionaries at Shoshone falls. It was so insanely fun!

On the more spiritual note... remember how I talked about how at MLC we were talking about how to think outside the box for getting New Investigators, Investigators to Sacrament, and Investigators with a Baptismal date. Sister Mata and I decided to put this "thinking outside the box" to the test. We are working with a Part member family, the Esta's, and they have been trying to come to church for a long time but just haven't been able to get the motivation to come. We invited them to come to the church on Saturday and we gave them a tour of the building. I felt like I was on the District. They were just like sponges with their kids just soaking everything in. Their whole family came to church yesterday and everyone welcomed them they were family. It was so great! The kids loved primary and everyone just wanted to meet this family. I love this gospel and I know that it not only blesses individuals it also blesses families!!

Another cool story really fast, we have this investigator Jose and he loves the gospel he wants to be baptized and we haven't been able to figure out his concern. So we had this lesson planned that we were going to go over the baptismal interview questions and when we got there to teach the lesson we didn't even have to go into that. He opened right up to us and we were able to teach according to HIS needs. That was awesome. I love the fact that the gospel and help everyone and I love that the spirit was able to help him feel comfortable. I know that the spirit was also able to prompt Sister Mata and I as we were teaching him.

This gospel is true no matter what anyone says! You can pray for yourself to find out. Don't just take my word for it. 

I love you all!

Keep the Faith!!

Sister Summer Stone

1. Our investigator Jose
2. Zone Conference/ Shoshone Falls
3. Sister Mata and I at Shoshone Falls
4. Sister Mata and I in Filer

Week 59


This week has been awesome! I am loving this area and I love sister Mata!! We are working really hard with a lot of people too. 

So there is this family, the Nevarez Family and the dad is a member but the mom and all of the kids are not. Amanda the mom is pregnant right now with her 8th kid. They are still pretty young but have lived quite the life. It was incredible this week to talk to them about how Christ has changed their life. They truly want to follow Christ's example and make Him and His church a part of their life.

We had a meeting down in Boise this week. Its called MLC, Missionary Leadership Council. We talked all about teaching and working outside the box. I know that each person is different and each persons conversion will be different. I love my mission and I love this area. I know that there are people here that can benefit from the message of Jesus Christ. 

We also taught someone named Jose, he wants to be baptized so bad! haha It is so awesome. he has to look at his work schedule but I  have never seen someone have more sincere desire haha.
I know the gospel will bless his life. 

This gospel is true and it is for everyone!!

LOVE YOU ALL! Keep the faith!

Sister Summer Stone

1: its getting warm so we dont have to wear jackets and tights!! HOLLLAA!
2: Pictures from last week when we went to Jackpot, NV
3: pretty sunsets!!
4: Welcome to the party. Our theme picture for this transfer haha
5: Sister Mata and I at transfers last week!