Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 59


This week has been awesome! I am loving this area and I love sister Mata!! We are working really hard with a lot of people too. 

So there is this family, the Nevarez Family and the dad is a member but the mom and all of the kids are not. Amanda the mom is pregnant right now with her 8th kid. They are still pretty young but have lived quite the life. It was incredible this week to talk to them about how Christ has changed their life. They truly want to follow Christ's example and make Him and His church a part of their life.

We had a meeting down in Boise this week. Its called MLC, Missionary Leadership Council. We talked all about teaching and working outside the box. I know that each person is different and each persons conversion will be different. I love my mission and I love this area. I know that there are people here that can benefit from the message of Jesus Christ. 

We also taught someone named Jose, he wants to be baptized so bad! haha It is so awesome. he has to look at his work schedule but I  have never seen someone have more sincere desire haha.
I know the gospel will bless his life. 

This gospel is true and it is for everyone!!

LOVE YOU ALL! Keep the faith!

Sister Summer Stone

1: its getting warm so we dont have to wear jackets and tights!! HOLLLAA!
2: Pictures from last week when we went to Jackpot, NV
3: pretty sunsets!!
4: Welcome to the party. Our theme picture for this transfer haha
5: Sister Mata and I at transfers last week!

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