Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 12

Hello everyone! Sorry my whole subject or starting line didn't all start with F, I tried. How has your week been?? Mine has been great! Congrats to Chan and Kendall graduating this week. Love you both! I'm gonna miss not having you guys in Provo. It sounds like everyone had a super exciting week in Provo though. Sad I missed it but don't worry, 15 months is going to fly by!!!! haha 

Last Monday we had P-day activity with our district and we had a Nerf war. I had a few welts on my legs because the Elders had a way better shot than I did haha but it was really fun! 

On Tuesday we had district meeting and I made French Toast and buttermilk syrup. President Winder and Sister Winder came so that was so fun. The Elders were dying when they had it. They asked me what was in it and I told them basically butter and sugar as they ran to go get more. haha (Elder Knudsen wants to say hi to you mom and thank you for the recipe, he doesn't know you but he loved it haha) 

So last week Sister Thomas and I went to the gas station in our area (remember its only a square mile so we only have that 1) haha anyways, I wanted some ice cream and they had F'reals!!!!!!!!! YES THEY HAD THEM AND YES I DIED!!!! (Carli, Bryce, Chan, Brooke and Trav will appreciate that!) haha I hadn't had one in so long and Sister Thomas had never had one, EVER! Sooo as you could imagine it was a really happy time for us! 

We went on exchanges this week and I went with Sister Ray (shout out to the Huber's again). She is seriously the cutest, funnest, most amazing missionary ever! Ah I love her. We went and did service at a thrift store and on our way home we saw this pizza place called Slice and we stopped for lunch because they had seating on the roof. Ah it was so fun to just go up on the roof, eat Thai chicken Pizza (Carli will appreciate that too) and relax and look over downtown Meridian. I love this place so much! I'm so glad to be here. 

While we were on exchanges we visited Monique Murphy (Jackson) haha. We read the intro to the Book of Mormon and she started to get emotional. Sister Ray asked her if she would want to learn for herself if the Book of Mormon was true and Monique said, "Ya know, I have been wondering." So we invited her read the testimonies and pray to know if what she has read is true. She said she would and I couldn't be more stoked for her!!! Keep her in your prayers PLEASE!

We had a ward activity this last week with Baldwin Park ward. It was a fundraiser for all the youth camps this year cause they're going on trek, girls camp and scout camp. It was SUCH a great turn out. There were a lot of less active families there that were able to all make connections and meet people in the ward!! Plus a part member family came and the husband (who's not a member) LOVED it! Ah The work here is picking up and I'm so excited about it. We are praying and looking for a new investigator in this ward so please pray for us with that too. 

Welp, hope you all had a good week! Love you all and Keep the faith

Sister Summer Stone

Pic #1: Fundraiser with the Bird kids. They have a twin boy and girl who are 4 (John and Catie) and a girl who's 18 months (Melissa or Missy). I love them so much! 
Pic #2: Sister Ray and I at Slice
Pic #3: F'REALS

Pic #4: Regular potty break on a regular Sunday afternoon (because we're closer to church buildings than we are to our house cuz Idaho)

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