Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 13

Well hello Fam! This week has been insanely busy but I LOVE it! We got 4 new investigators this week!!! 

On Tuesday we had dinner with Timmy and Jesse, the people we tracted into and they had SO many questions so we said that we could teach them the lessons and it would answer most of them. PLUS they already started reading the BOM and can't wait to learn more. 

On Wednesday we met with Kim (a potential investigator) and she has been meeting with missionaries for like ever but none of them have ever taught her so we asked if she had ever  read the BOM and she said a few verses. Come to find out she didn't even know what the Book of Mormon was and she had a ton of questions so we told her about the lessons and asked her if she wanted to listen to them. She said YES! 

On Saturday we went to visit Winnie and her boyfriend wants to learn more about the church because his grandma is a member. He wants to take the lessons and we're meeting with him tonight! He said he would start reading the Book of Mormon last week.

We also had a Special Sisters Training at the mission office on Friday! It was an awesome training and I felt the spirit so strong! President Winder and Sister Winder really do love us a lot! I'm going to miss them. 

On Saturday we went and did service at an old folks home and we got to talk with a lot of the elderly ladies. One of the ladies I talked with was 95, a member of the church and she had some of the funnest stories! Her name is Velma I think haha she is awesome though and we get to see them every Tuesday and paint their nails. I'm pumped about that!

We also went to the family history center and found family names because we get to go to the temple and do all the work except the sealing for them! I found someone, didn't think I would but I did! Well, sorry this weeks email was kinda spastic but I love you all!!! 

Keep the faith!

Sister Summer Stone

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