Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 1

It's the time you've all been waiting for. Sister Stone's first email. 
This has been a crazy week. Seriously a roller coaster of emotions. This place is just incredible though. The spirit you feel as you just walk around is the best. 
So, lets just get started! My companions name is Sister Smith and I think she is actually my soul sister. We get along so well. She is super fun and really passionate about the gospel which I love about her! She's from South Carolina and doesn't have a southern accent which is kinda disappointing but its okay haha still love her so much. She has a boyfriend out in Fiji right now on his mission and he's brought up in basically all of our convos, so S/O to Luke if you ever read this, Sister Smith tells me new stories everyday, don't worry.
I love my district! We have all progressed so much since our first day and its so fun to see everyone's testimonies grow and see their excitement for the gospel grow as well. 
To explain why my subject says "I'm from Canada" I have to tell you all a story. So there is a sister in my district going to the Idaho Nampa mission (which is right next to mine). She's from Canada but let me explain. We were all reading our DearElders (which I love so keep sending them please) anyways, Sister Smith's dad sent her the forecast for that week and she was reading it and saying, "High of 35 and low of 24 on Thursday" (or whatever) it was but then she said "Oh my gosh! high of 22 low of 12!" (or something) and we all flipped then we moved on and kept reading our own letters. Then like 2 or 3 minutes later Sister Rice, (the one from Canada) was like, "Wait I'm confused...isn't that really warm?" and we all were like "NO! That's cold" and then she said, "We have Celsius. I'm from Canada" and we all died laughing because of course we knew where she was from but poor Sister Rice was so confused on the temperatures haha 
So a little more about my district, there are 4 elders and 4 sisters. Elder Reeder, Elder Kotobalavu (he's from Hawaii so we've made a connection through that and my love for the islands. He was surprised to hear how often we go... haha thanks mom for raising us right and helping me love that beautiful place) (also people just call him Elder K cause they can't say his name HA I think it's hilarious), Elder Cagle, and Elder Jolstead are the elders. They are all going to the Salt Lake central Mission and they're pretty pumped. The sisters are Sister Smith, Sister Stone (ME), Sister Rice (Canada) and Sister Mata. They're all the best, really gonna miss them when we have to split and go to our separate missions. 
So this is really exciting... Sister Smith and I were teaching one of our investigators Haley Kwon, shes from Korea and shes going to BYU to learn English. We have only had 2 lessons with her, on her second lesson we were just teaching about prayer and then the spirit was like screaming at me telling me to invite her to be baptized so I did and she said YES! The spirit was so strong and Sister Smith and I couldn't be more excited for her. We don't really know what to do next because we leave in a week but we were on like a spiritual high last night haha. 
Anyways, some other exciting news. There are 2 elders that came into the new district yesterday that are going to the California Roseville mission. So everyone feed them lots when they come in like 2 weeks. Their names are Elder Flint and Elder Osborne. You'll love em. 
Alright, thought of the week... No matter how hard our trials are, God knows exactly what we're going through and why. He never gives us trials we can't handle. This week has been hard like I said but I know there is no other place I should be right now. There are people in Boise who are being prepared to hear my message and I can't wait to meet them! Read Doctrine & Covenants 121: 1, 7-8. .

I'm really trying to figure out the pictures thing so cut me some slack. I'll send them next week when I'm in Boise. Weird to think I'm already leaving and I'm going to be in Boise in like 5 days. 
Also, my next Pday isn't going to be until Monday, February 15th. So until then I love you all. Keep sending prayers, we need 'em!

Lots of love,

Sister Summer Stone

My district 

Elder Monson and his companion

Roommates in the MTC

My zone

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