Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 3

Hello Family and Friends,
So this week was kind of really awesome. We went to zone conference and Sister Thomas and I tried to win the clean car award but kinda failed (picture). But it was great! We got a ton of fried chicken for lunch and there were left overs so we got to take some home and that was kind of one of my main highlights of this week (picture) haha. Joking! 
So we taught a lesson to a less active and her name is Kristen and her husband Tim isn't a member and he hasn't sat in on any of the lessons but this time he did and it was so great!! I told him he was going to get baptized because we're homies like that and then his wife was like "Tim, why don't you pray to know if this is true?" and he was like, "I have... and I don't like my answer". So we asked him what his answer was and he said that he knew it was true!!!!!! Don't worry folks a baptismal date will be coming our way real soon! SO pumped for him and his progression. 
I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father knows how much of a wimp I am with the cold weather and the fact that the whole family was in Hawaii this week because everyone I talked to was like, "This weather is the best. We haven't had good weather like this in February in a really long time." Just a little tender mercy because Heavenly Father loves me haha. But as soon as you all got home from Hawaii it got cold again. Not too bad though, it's been sunny and in the 40's today so that's been nice. 
Enough about the weather... okay back to food. The food people give us here is SOOO good and we always get leftovers. Like Kristen (the less active I talked about earlier) is pregnant and I look bigger than her...yikes! She's only 3 months along tho so it's okay haha Sister Thomas and I went on a run today too and we made a goal not to eat seconds of dinner or dessert so that should help. Is it bad that I always have candy, granola bars, and fruit snacks in my purse? I guess it's kind of good because we bribed a less active kid the other day with it to make his family come to church... his sister came so I guess it kinda worked haha! Oh well... HA

Read 2 Nephi 2:8. Remember that even though you aren't all full time missionaries you can still be a missionary to those around you. We are all extremely blessed to live in this gospel and we need to share Christ's message with everyone!!
Anyways, keep the faith people and remember that God loves you all! 

Sister Summer Stone

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