Thursday, March 3, 2016

Week 4

Ok before you freak out mom, the fire didn't hurt anyone haha. It's actually a really funny story.
So the other day we went to this old ladies house for dinner and she wanted to toast some bread in the oven so she did and then like a minute later the oven was smoking and she opened the door to the oven and there were flames coming out of the oven and she pulls it out and just starts blowing on it with no effort at all. Meanwhile, the fire alarm starts going off and she just stayed totally calm. After she got the fire out she just opened the doors so the fire alarm would stop going off. Sister Thomas and I, in shock, asked if it happened often and she just said, "uh, yeah sometimes" 
WHAT? DO YOU OFTEN HAVE BRIGHT ORANGE FLAMES COMING OUT OF YOUR OVEN? haha it was quite the experience. To find out later, her 2 grandsons that are in their 20's were sleeping in the other room and didn't even come out to check on us or to see if she was okay. It was great. haha
Last Monday we went to a park in our area for our Pday activity and this little boy named George played sports with us and he was more athletic than all of us combined (picture). It was so funny watching him run around trying to get to the ball before us. Also, I fell on my face twice within like 30 minutes trying to kick the soccer ball (shout out to my athletic skills) so I got a big scab and bruise on my knee and everyone we saw would be like, "Oh no! Sister Stone, what happened to your knee?" and I'd have to explain how gosh darn athletic I am like 3 times a day. So great haha. 
We went to the Meridian Temple this week with one of our investigators Winnie (picture). They said it will be done sometime next year. She is the greatest! She told us the other day that she wants to get baptized and she wants her husband who lives in Boise to get baptized too so they can eventually be sealed. We told the Elders that live in his area and they're going to go see him. She has some other stuff we have to get figured out before we can set a date for her to be baptized but I'm so proud and excited for her. Can't wait to see her grow and learn.

Anyways, Meridian is amazing and the wards here are fantastic. I mentioned a while ago that we cover 2 wards which kind of makes it tiring and difficult to go to 6 hours of church on Sunday but the members and the ward mission leaders are fantastic. The Bishops are great and I can't wait to see the success we have with the members helping with our investigators. We had stake conference this past Sunday and the talks were amazing. There were a lot of converts who spoke and shared their experiences. Really great people here.

I want to extend a challenge to all of you at home. Get a blank Book of Mormon from Deseret Book or from the missionaries and I want you all to pray BEFORE and AFTER you read. Mark it up as much as you want and write down impressions you have when the spirit tells you something and testifies of Christ.

Love you all, keep the faith!
Sister Summer Stone

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