Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 6

Why do missionaries have such big bladders?
Because they only have one "p-day" HAHAHA
Kristen and Tim Worley, (the part member family I told you about a few weeks about) told us this joke and Tim was just dying! He told me I should write it in my email so I am doing it for him. S/O to you Tim. Tim is really progressing. He came to all 3 hours of church last week and he is reading the BOM on his own now. We are keeping him in our prayers and continuing to teach him. 
So on Saturday Jen Terry got baptized! I didn't teach Jen at all so that's why you haven't heard about her yet. She has been taking the lessons for like a year and a half and her husband was a less active member but now they are both coming!! She is 6 months pregnant and is just the cutest! haha She's had a lot of baptismal dates over the past few months but they had to get married because they were living together but we got everything all figured out and the baptism was just perfect!! I sang "I heard Him Come" and Jen's step mom (who's really less active) cried the whole time so that was good at least I know I sang that song for a reason and someone was really touched by the spirit.
Remember Winnie? The investigator we took to the Meridian Temple a few weeks ago? Anyways, we went to visit her and she had a picture of Moroni (or "Moronee" as she calls him) on her door and a note telling us she was at the store but really wanted to see us so she asked us to come back a little later. So presh! She is such an amazing example to me. She is reading faster in the BOM than I am! haha Awesome lady! 
Welp, that's about all the time I have for this week. Love you all so much and keep the faith! God loves us all and wants the best for us. OH! And everyone go share #Hallelujah video on Facebook or Instagram. It is so good! Sister Thomas and I have been able to get into a lot of peoples homes with sharing that video. We even got a new investigator from it! :) 

Have a good week,
SIster Summer Stone

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