Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 8

HELLO AND HAPPY LATE EASTER TO EVERYONE FROM THE LAND OF POTATOES! I kind of had my like 3rd or 4th potato this week, but it was potato salad so I don't know if that really counts! Haha it was dang good though, I'll say that much.
Welp, I had a legit rejection this week for the first time. I've gotten like a lot of nice rejections where people will be like "Oh. No thanks, I have my own religion but good luck" Or "Oh, we're not interested" But this time we knocked on this door I felt prompted to go to and when we knocked this kid was like, "What do you mean the missionaries?" and then the dad yelled "Go away." Sister Thomas and I didn't know if that was to us or not so we knocked again and he like screamed, "GO AWAY!" So that was kinda sad haha 
Sister Thomas and I gave talks on Sunday for Easter. We both talked about the atonement and I focused on the garden of Gethsemane and how we can each lean on our Savior for comfort and peace.She focused on the resurrection. It was beautiful and we got lots of compliments.
We were able to teach Tim Worley twice this week. His wife Kristen is a member and she loves having us over to feed us. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he said he would stop chewing by the time Kristen has the baby in September. We are working for sooner but Sister Thomas and I are super STOKED for him and his progression so far. He got the kids to church yesterday all by himself because Kristen had to work. He loved the Easter theme during Sacrament Meeting and loved our talks. We had dinner at their house last night and we watched The Testaments after for the lesson. The spirit was so strong and he open up to us about how he hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon but that he wanted to start up again. He loves coming to church and learning about Christ in the Gospel Principles class. I cannot wait to see his progression and see his testimony of our Savior and the Book of Mormon grow. 

 I'm almost out of time But I love you all and I'm really sorry this email is short this week. It's been a good one!

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