Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 2

So I am officially in the field and it has been awesome! I'm serving in Meridian and my area is literally a square mile. There are 2 wards in 1 neighborhood. It's great! haha we live in a members home and she's really sweet. My trainer is Sister Thomas and she is the cutest!! We get along really well and I am learning tons. She has only been out for 2 transfers which definitely tells me something. haha it tells me that the mission president really trusts her haha
I am teaching a lot more less active and part member families than I was expecting but I love them all already! It is so funny how many people will try to lie to get out of you coming into their house. It's the best when we can see their parents through the window and their cars out front and they say they aren't home. SO PEOPLE! When the missionaries come and you don't want to see them, just tell us! It's a lot better than lying because we can see everything!! Sister Thomas and I found Mormon 8:35 during comp study and we just really wanna share it with all of these people who just lie to us at the door. The scripture says, "Behold, I speak unto you as if ye were present, and yet ye are not. But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing." haha so people don't think we can't see you because WE SEE EVERYTHING! 
Ok moving on, so holy cow. Everyone and their mother has a dog in Idaho. Big dogs, little dogs, lazy dogs, annoying dogs, name it and I've been slobbered on by it. If I don't learn anything on my mission expect how to act around dogs I will be totally fine with that haha! So the other day Sister Thomas and I were walking and we said hi to some people walking their dog. Sister Thomas bent down to pet their dog and he jumped up and his mouth went strait into her mouth and as we walked away she said, "I think I just ate your dogs mouth." and I could not stop laughing. She was spitting into the grass because she had the slobbery snout in her mouth AH it was so funny!!! I love Sister Thomas! We laugh about everything and it's the best! 

Thought of the week. No matter what, God loves you and He wants you to come back to Him. He has given us the gift of repentance. It is a gift! We are able to change and grow and learn from of it. Remember that "daily repentance brings joy". 

Love you all lots!!
Sister Summer Stone

PS. don't have too much fun in Hawaii without me fam, NO MORE SKYDIVING! It looks gorgeous tho and Georgia is so adorbs!

See you in 2 Elder Monson

Elder Osborne, serving in the Roseville mission. Keep an eye out for him! 

My Trainer and I, Sister Thomas! 

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