Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Week 47


Well hello! How is it where the sun shines and its warm? Alright, the sun shines here but it has been REALLY cold! Like single digits cold, plus insanely windy. Who knew wind could blow like 65 mph?? Haha although its been cold and a little breezy I am still loving this place more and more every single day! 

I got to brand a cow! Yes I did it. We branded beef cows last Monday for pday with Sydney (our investigator), David (her boyfriend), some members that own the feed lot, and our district. That was quite the muddy, loud, heart breaking, cold experience haha. Sister Cluff almost cried multiple times but i thought it was an opportunity of a life time and i could not pass that up haha.

We went to a few ward parties this week and saw Santa at all of them!! Aside from that part of Christmas, I absolutely love this small town community of Oakley/ Burley! Everyone here is just so down to earth and Christian. In fact the whole town put on this multi-denominational Christmas program thing in town. It was kind of like a progressive dinner but with singing instead. We went to one of the LDS chapels for their program and the spirit was so strong! We are hoping and praying everyone who was there felt the spirit. After the LDS we went to the Little Flower Catholic Church and there were so many people there!! We all sang some Christmas hymns and then we clapped for baby jesus and sang Feliz Navidad!! 
Christmas is such an incredible time to focus on our Savior Jesus Christ. Remember christmas wouldnt be christmas without Easter

Love you all! Keep the faith!! 

Sister Summer Stone

Christmas Cookies!!
Santa at some of the ward parties
Branding cows!!!

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