Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Week 48


Hello and Merry late Christmas to my loved ones. 1st off it was so great seeing all of your faces on sunday <3 love you all!! ok, 2nd off. WOW what a week. How cool for all my missionary friends was it to be a representative of Christ while we are celebrating His birth and His life? I also can't beleive #LighttheWorld is over. But don't worry I'll talk about that later haha

Earlier this week we had the Christmas Devortional/get together thing for the Twin hald of the mission. That was so fun seeing old comps, mission friends and homies from BYU! There used to 6 of us in the Idaho Boise Mission but now there are 5. Anyways, there was a talent show and that was so fun. Another Sister and I did the chopsticks duet and that was awesome haha people loved it! Then during the spiritual part of the meeting Sister Cluff and I sang. It was an awesome meeting. We really felt the importance of celebrating our Savior this Christmas and what an honor it is to be a representative of Him during this season. 

Mike is continuing to progress really well. We had a few lessons this week but a miracle we saw with him was when we read a chapter in the Book fo Mormon with him and his family. We read Alma 34 and towards the end of the chapter it talks about having patience and doing the will of the Father and following His commandments during the process of our trials. That was EXACTLY what Mike needed to hear. The spirit works in mysterious ways. Isn't the spirit amazing? And Christ is just amazing! He is just the light to everyone's life!!!

Speaking of light... ;) see what I did there haha What is everyone supposed to do now that #Lighttheworld is over? 1st of all, go watch day 25 right now on Ok now that everyone has done that..Here are a few suggestions on how we can carry this light on for the rest of the year. Take some of the attributes of Christ we recognized this month and apply it and make it a New Years resolution!! Some members have said that they are going to redo all the 25 days each month because there are a least 5 ideas of everyday. Some have 10 ideas. thats almost a whole year of lighting the world. Christ is the light and life og the world and he told the Nephites in 3rd Nephi, "Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world. Behold I am the light which ye shall hold up--that which ye have seen me do..." (3rd Nephi 18:24). We all have the light of christ within us and we need to help others see that light and be reminded. I know that this years Christmas Initiative was inspired by a prophet of God and I know that this light can last all year long! :) 

Love you all!!

Keep the faith!

Sister Summer Stone

1: BYU Friends
2: Christmas Morning #THANKSFAM
3: Christmas Eve, carroling with our District
4: Twinning in Twin for the Christmas devotional

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