Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 16

Hello Fambam!

So this week hasn't been the typical missionary week that'd you'd think of but it's been so awesome! We have done a TON of service and I am just exhausted haha. We painted someones house 3 days this week for at least 15 hours total and still are going to do more this next week. The guy who's house we're painting it a member and he's so cool. He just got called as a ward missionary and he couldn't be more excited to help out!

We had a great lesson with Winnie and she's back on track! She came to church yesterday and we were so excited. She's been nervous to come because she has been having some bad panic attacks lately but we sat close to the door and any time she needed to step out she was able to go take a breather for a minute or 2 and come back in. I know that if she pushes through this trial she will be blessed. We are planning on seeing her tonight and setting a baptismal date. She has to meet with the mission president for an interview due to some legal stuff but she told the bishop she wants to be baptized! Winnie's coming back around! :)

We have been working with a part member family lately and the daughter (Brennen) is starting to get excited to see us (which is new because she used to like run and hide from the missionaries). She's 9 years old and her mom (who just moved to Alaska for work) doesn't want her to be baptized because "the Mormons are crazy, teach stuff that's from the devil and follow some Joe Smith guy." That's typical here in Idaho haha anyways, she's been listening to our messages everytime we come now and she came to church on yesterday! Keep her in your prayers and pray that her mom will soften her heart. Her step mom is really hoping she'll be able to be baptized!

Thursday we went to lunch with Ali Snooks (one of my friends from BYU) and her mom. She leaves on her mission to Cambodia in about a month and is getting really nervous. She is so cute though. We were able to catch up and talk about missionary work and how the mission life is. She is going to be such a great missionary.

Keep the Faith,
Sister Summer Stone

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#1- shopping at H&M on Monday

#2- painting with some Elders in our district
#3- Lunch with Ali Snooks

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