Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 17

HELLURR everyone!

So because it was Memorial Day and the library was closed so we're emailing today instead. Sorry if you thought I was dead mom, I'm alive and well here in Boise haha. Looks like the whole family had a blast at Stonehaven this weekend. So jealous. I loved the video you sent me. Cried through the whole thing and watched it multiple times in row. Colton and Georgia have gotten SO BIG! Thanks Taylor for taking my place as the 8th family member haha love you!

So last P-day we played baseball with the Zone and I got our team a point. WOHOOO! 1 point for Paramount district from the highly coordinated Sister Summbumm Stone.

SO, lots of more painting this week. We finished our ward missionaries house, painted a nursery for one of our recent converts, the outside of someones house and some old ladies done with painting! Ok, the old ladies nails is a weekly thing they are literally the cutest and the say the funniest things so I really do love that, but the house painting, I'm done with that haha!

We set a baptismal date for August 13th with Winnie and she is so excited about it. She knows she has to work towards that and can't wait to get started. We can't wait either. She is planning on getting remarried to her ex husband on June 6th by Bishop Baker and asked if we would put together a little dinner afterwards. Wedding planning here I come! haha

We had zone conference on Wednesday and I learned so much. The spirit was so strong and I am so grateful to be here on my mission in Boise, Idaho. No matter where I end up when the mission is split I know that is where I need to be and there will be someone waiting there for me. Heavenly Father is preparing people wherever I will serve to hear my message. Who knows, maybe I'll go to Nampa and be a Spanish speaking Sister so I can talk with CarCar and Chan when I get home! haha

We had another lesson with Darren at the Wilsons house and it was great. Sister Wilson invited him to come to church and he couldn't come this last week but he said he'll come next week and we are pumped for him to continue growing closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. Before the lesson though, I got to dye Sister Hirales' hair. lol I think it looks pretty cool and I did a pretty good job haha Makes me wanna be a hair dresser so bad when I get home.

Yesterday for Pday activity we walked (Sister Hirales and I scootered on razor scooters) the greenbelt and it was beautiful there. It runs right along the Boise river and I just wished I could've jumped in the whole time haha. Funny story though, so remember how coordinated I am? Yeah neither do I. So I was walking down this grass hill to the pathway and I ran into a tree and this branch sliced my eye open and now it's turning purple (black eyes for DAYYZZ) haha don't worry mom, I can see still. I looks pretty cool though. Sister Hirales and I went and got shave ice after and I wish they had ice cream to put in the middle, It makes a big difference lol.

Well that's about it for the week. I love you all and miss you! Good luck to all my friends leaving for the MTC this week. You will all LOVE IT!

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Sister Summer Stone

1.) Baseball with the Meridian West Zone
 2.) "If your zone leader jumped off a bridge would you do it too?" just kidding mom. Love you!
 3.) My crazy district
 4.) Shave ice with the Mexican (aka Sister Hirales) #shesnotmexicanmom

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