Friday, May 19, 2017

Week 66


Weeks full of miracles are a usual thing now. I love my mission so much! Everyday I just think how lucky I am to be here! I love Idaho and I love the people! I love this area and I love my companion!

Update on our week... So there is this family, the Hawkins and they have an 11 year old daughter named Lily who wants to get baptized ASAP so they can go to the temple and get sealed ASAP. She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She is SO smart and she loves to read so she has been all over reading the Book of Mormon everyday. It is amazing that every time we teach kids the lessons I am reminded of how beautiful and simple this gospel is. I know that this is ALL TRUE! If we focus on the simple things in the gospel we will never go wrong and we will never go astray. If we read the Book of Mormon everyday like President Monson asked us to we will be able to find that peace and that foundation of our testimony.

We are continuing to work with Brother Stuart and his family. He came to church this week and stayed for 2 hours instead of 1!! He said the spirit that he feels makes him feel so much peace. Sister Mata and I have seen a change in him too. The spirit we feel when we come into his home. We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and he was able to recognize the truth of it. 

I love this gospel and I love my mission! I love you all!!


Sister Summer Stone

District meeting
rain ALL week
Temple picture from last week (S/O to Sister Bartlett)

Selfie w/ Sister Mata #basic

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