Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 21


Well familia. It's been a crazy week but amazing week. Sister Rabello is awesome and I love her already. We've been working really hard and I'm exhausted. 

So to start off this crazy week, Sister Rabello put diesel in the car and... we almost died haha. Not really but the car drove for a little while. We went home, I unpacked and she washed the car then we went to go to Pday activity. But on our way there the car wasn't going over 10 mph on a 45 mph road and it was shaking! So we pulled over, said a prayer, and called the mission office and he told us to get a tow and for them to take it and get it drained so we did. And we got it back the next day but we have been walking a lot to save miles. 

My area is beautiful and a lot different than my last area. We just cover one ward and its a lot of fields and farms. I love it! The members are great and I'm excited to get to know them all. There is a family here, the Lloyds and they are the best people ever. Not too many people sign up for dinner in this ward (mom, missionaries are poor so feed them lol) so we've gone to their house a lot for dinner and when we had to get our car towed she came and picked us up and we played games at their house for the rest of Pday. Plus she gives the best hugs! haha And another plus, they gave us homemade tamales and they were delicious!!!

There aren't too many investigators in this area but there is a lot of potential to be so we are working really hard. There are a lot of inactive members here that haven't been active since they were teenagers and they're in their 60s now. 

We went to visit Kenneth (am inactive) yesterday and the visit was really good. We had been trying to visit people all morning and no one was answering or they just didn't want to see us. The Sister's had never met him so we knocked on his door and he talked with us for a while. Before we left I had the feeling to share this scripture and right as I was going to say "Can we share a message before we go?" Sister Rabello pulled out her BOM and shared the same scripture I was going to share. It's amazing how the spirit works. As we walked away I just had this feeling that the visit was really good for him and I knew he felt the spirit. 

WELL FOLKS! I love you all. I love my new area and my new comp. Keep the faith and remember God loves you all!

Sister Summer Stone

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