Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 23


This weeks been awesome! We have done a lot of service and we've been able to visit a lot of people!

We helped our investigator Ray brush his pet goats, weed his yard, and clean up his house. His wife passed away 6 months ago and his daughter died like 2 months ago so he is having a rough time. I can tell the gospel is already blessing his life. We were able to set a baptismal date with him yesterday and I can't wait!! He is a very spiritual guy and he loves Christ. He really does. He has a lot of potential and I am so excited to see the gospel bless his life. 

Also, our house isc seriously infested with so many bugs! We found a huge spider and I almost peed my skirt because I was so scared. Sister Rabello is more afraid of them though so I have to kill them...We find a lot of decent size garden spiders but this spider was a really big wolf spider and apparently they're poisonous. AND I didn't get to kill the spider because it was too fast for me to smack it with my shoe....lets just say I didn't get to sleep for a while that night, kept feeling like it was crawling up my leg then on my face. Holy cow. I'm so blessed to be here in Boise. I think I would die somewhere in South America ahaha

The other day Sister Rabello and I were tracting and this lady opened the door and we talked with her for a few minutes and I asked her what her name was and she said "you can just call me shortie." hahaha I almost broke out laughing. She was probably 5'4, not that short. haha. Made me smile.

We had zone meeting on Friday and it was awesome!! The spirit was really strong the whole time. They talked a lot about obedience. I know that by being obedient as a missionary that Heavenly Father will bless us SO much. I've already seen the blessings from it. I am so grateful for my mission and the experiences I'm having here! I love you all. Sorry this email isn't super awesome haha just know that I'm working hard and taking lots of cute selfies with goats.

Keep the faith,

Sister Summer Stone

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