Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 20


Well I'm staying in staying in the Boise mission folks. I got transferred and I am so sad. I was not ready for this. I'm excited for new and bigger things (mostly just bigger areas haha) but I am really going to miss Meridian and all the memories that came with it. There were 6 missionaries from my zone who got transferred to the Pocatello mission. Going to miss ALL of them. 

Last Pday we went to Star and went fishing and just hung out at the Snooks house. I CAUGHT A GIANT FISH!!! haha I also got to say goodbye to Ali and wish her luck. She is going to kill it in Cambodia. I finally got the guts to do a flip on their trampoline too. It was just a front flip but don't worry Coltie and Chan. I'll be able to out-flip both of you by the time i get home (I'm totally joking haha) so Monday was pretty eventful haha

We went to the temple this week on Wednesday as a zone and it was beautiful as always but this time was incredibly special and beautiful because we got to pick out a family name and do all the work for them. We were baptized, confirmed, did the initiatory and received their endowment. Beautiful and exhausting day. Sister Hirales and I accidentally matched and people were making comments all day haha it was kinda cute though. I really am going to miss her. 6 weeks was not long enough with my little brownie. 

But good news is I have another brown companion haha. Not trying to be racist at all. Her name is Sister Rabello. She was born and raised in Brazil and she moved to Salt Lake not too long ago. She has been out almost 17 months so I'll be "killing her" in mission terms (cause I'll be her last companion). I can already tell shes ready to work hard and bring people to Christ.

 On Thursday Sister Hirales and I made homemade tortillas with Sister Marina Soto. She's this older lady from Guatemala and she homemade some DELICIOUS black beans. I understood nothing while we were there because they spoke Spanish to each other 70% of the time. haha it really was fun time though, maybe I will learn Spanish while I am out here and while we are joining with the Twin Falls mission.

So I have just been an emotional wreck saying goodbye to people the past few days but I am so excited for a new adventure. I know there's a reason I'm staying here in the Idaho Boise mission. Sorry this week wasn't too exciting besides transfers, Mexican food and the temple. But always remember to keep the faith and pray always. I love you all! 

Sister Summer Stone

pro fisher over here
Matching with Hirales
Gonna miss by boo thang
Homemade tortillas 

Sister Rabello (my new comp

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