Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 24


My week has been pretty good. Up and down which is normal as a missionary haha. 

We went to a member's house earlier this week and helped lay their grass. It looks awesome and then we had delicious Popsicle's haha We've done a lot of service this week!! Good for the soul though haha

We had exchanges this week and they went good. I was with Sister Hallum's and we had some cool experiences. We went to see a less active and we taught her the 3rd lesson, The Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was a really good lesson. Spirit was really strong and i got this really strong prompting to ask her about how she can apply the atonement into her life. She was like "well, just having faith and stuff, you know the regular answers." and then I was like, "yeah, but how can YOU apply it right now in your life?" and she was like, "Well, I should probably take advantage of it kinda, I haven't really been doing my part. I need to pray. I need to come to church. I need to read my scriptures. I just need to stop coming up with excuses!" and I looked at her and I just could just picture Heavenly Father with his arms open to her and I said "Heavenly Father is waiting for you. He's ready for you to come back" and I almost started crying. The spirit was SO strong. 

And when we were on exchanges we stopped at these little girls lemonade stand and it was legit lemonade haha. Like it had crushed up raspberries, blackberries and really good ice. Best 75 cents I've ever spent!

So we are working with this inactive guy who's name is Blaine and he got baptized when he was 8 but hasn't really been back since and he came to church yesterday!! Hes basically like an investigator cause he doesn't really know anything and he LOVED church yesterday and he met so many awesome men in the ward. He looks like Jesus... like he has long curly hair and a long beard. He said he'd come next Sunday too cause I'm playing the piano and Sister Rabello is speaking. THEN, we went over to his house tonight to drop off some Brazilian food Sister Rabello made (shes from brazil so it was legit haha) and there was a member there who just got reactivated and they were just hanging out. SO HAPPY FOR HIM!! making new friends in the ward and he said hes gonna stop drinking. I seriously cant contain my joy for him right now. AH love himmm!

My area is so beautiful. There is so much land. I LOVE Idaho so much! I love you all and I'm so blessed to be out here on my mission.

Keep the faith,
Sister Summer Stone

Send some love
1111 So. Cole Road
Boise, Idaho 83709

Blaine at church
Exchanges with Sister Hallum's and our legit lemonade
Lots of Land haha. Idaho is so beautiful!
Laying grass at the Lloyds

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