Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 25


WOAH! Super great week here in Boise. Ah I love the members here and the missionaries and just everything about this place. Sister Rabello spoke yesterday and I played the piano at church. There was a mission farewell so there were well over 300 people there. There were people sitting out in the hall way!! SO MANY PEOPLE haha. We had 1 investigator come and 3 less actives come as well. 1 of them hadn't been for years, like 20 years. And then Blaine came again. WOOP WOOP! and then another less active, Brother Cary, the one who's preparing to go to the temple. SUCH A GREAT DAY YESTERDAY!! I loved it. Those are the days I look at and remember, this is why I'm on a mission.

On Saturday our stake had a big Pioneer Day celebration. They had breakfast and snowcones and sack races (i won) and giant jenga. TONS of stuff to do. There weren't too many people there because a lot of people have been out of town haha but it was fun to see some members there and we had a less active come. He enjoyed it. 

We had an awesome lesson with Blaine this week about the Atonement and he told us he hadn't had a beer in 3 weeks. He said he's thought about it a lot but whenever he feels like he wants one he prays and reads the BofM and the desire goes away. YES! I just love the power the Book of Mormon has. Anytime I am ever struggling with anything I pick the BofM up and I instantly can feel Heavenly Father's love for me. I can promise you all that if you are ever struggling with anything that if you read the BofM Heavenly Father will help you and bless you. 

Well, nothing else has happened this week. It was a really good weekend tho. We had a great district meeting and we went and had pizza after so that made it good! haha well, I love you all so much! CONGRATS to KK and Marcus for having little Remington born this morning. Can't wait to see more pictures of him. I hope all is well for y'all. 

Keep the faith and send some love ;)
Sister Summer Stone
1111 So. Cole Rd
Boise, Idaho 83709

Pic 1 District Mtg 
Pic 2 Pizza w/ the district
Pic 3 me winning at the sack races
Pic 4 Snow cones w/ Sister Rabello

Pic 5 Ray (our investigator) and Sister Lucier (a less active who hasn't been to church in 20 yrs) at church!!

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