Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 29


HI EVERYONE! Just keepin it super real in Boise y'all! haha sos... I really am struggling to come up with funny opening lines. BUT I hope your week has been good because mine has! We've been really busy but we've been seeing a lot of miracles from keeping busy. Looks like you all had a party at the beach house. SO jealous! I really hope I get to go next year. haha PRAY transfers add up right so I can go!

So we had Zone Conference this week. LOVED IT! Some Sisters and I sang an arrangement of "Where can I turn for peace?" & it turned out pretty good. The whole conference was on repentance and how we need to repent daily and what a blessing it is to have that in our lives. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father knew us so well he KNEW we would need to be able to become clean every week and everyday because we are constantly making mistakes. President and Sister Bartlett are amazing. I really love them and I'm so excited to get to know them better and better as time goes on.

We had exchanges this week and I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE! UGH! haha But I was with Sister Bell in my area and we were able to see so many miracles. We met with Shigue, the 90 yr old lady from Japan. Our lesson went really well but we both had this thought that we need to just start fresh and new with all the lessons even though she's been taught by the missionaries so many times. So we are. We started a new teaching record and are starting fresh. She really wants to be baptized this time through though. PLUS she came to church yesterday and we are super excited for her. Her neighbors and fellow shippers told us that there's something different this time around. She's ready to progress and continue on. We are really excited to continue to teach her and help her on this journey coming back to her Savior and following his example. 

We had a fantastic lesson with our less active Blaine this week too. We taught him about enduring to the end and shared the Mormon message called "The Hope of Gods Light" and that really touched him. He told us when the lesson was over that the sisters had taught him about enduring to the end a lot but this time it really made sense. He also said, "thanks for being so patient with me sisters. You better not stop coming!!" haha I told him we wouldn't. He came to church this week again. He really is changing and coming back. We are really really excited for him!

Well fam, I think that's about it for this week. I hit my 7 month mark this week... WOAHHH! haha but yeah, love you all! Keep the faith!

Sister Summer Stone

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