Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 33


WOAH! So this week has been like one of the craziest, most stressful, exhausting weeks of my whole mission life. hahaha 

So Sister Cluff and I thought we were covering the Oakley wards and the Elders were covering the Pella and View wards in the Oakley stake but it turns out that President felt prompted to switch us after we had started to contact people. But as we have been getting to know the members and the ward council I have begun to notice that there is a reason we are here in these wards. 

So here's a little bit about Oakley. Oakley is 20 miles out of a small town called Burley. Burley is like the size of Loomis or Rocklin. Anyways Oakley has 3 wards and the population inside the town is 763!!! yeah haha SO TINY! There's a gas station with one pump and a restaurant inside the convenience store, a tiny grocery store that has some essentials if you're desperate, a post office, and a bar that everyone talks about!  So can you imagine how small this is? I thought I was in a movie because everyone knows everyone and we are these 2 new people in the town no one has seen before haha.  So there are only a few people who aren't members in the town. If you aren't a member, you've been contacted or taught by the missionaries at one point or another in your life. ANYWAYS! Its awesome! Our whole area is farm land and cows. Someone told us "You know what Sister's? There's more cows than people here in Oakley and there are definitely more potatoes than people." 

Speaking of potatoes... its harvest season right now so no one is ever home. They're all out in their fields harvesting the crops. But everyone was praying for the harvest to go well this week and I just wanted to bust out laughing cause I thought it was a joke! Also, one of our bishops gave a talk on Sunday and this is what he said. "So I'm going to talk about Heffers. Heffer's are female cows...wait, who am I kidding? You all know what heffers are" And this time I really did bust out in laughter!! 

I love this area and I love the people already. We've been SO busy meeting people but I'm really excited for a busy week ahead!

Love you all! Keep the Faith! and SEND SOME LOVEEEEE

Sister Summer Stone

First pic with Sister Cluff on transfer day!
Saying goodbye to Sister Lucier. One of my FAVS from Amity
cows in oakley are a regular sight
so is this

Also, went to the Football game tailgate party for dinner to meet the stake presidency

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