Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 44

Oh my! this week has been filled with so many miracles and blessings! The Cary's got sealed this week in Boise and because I'm like 3 hours away so I couldn't go but that was really special for them. Parke said he would stop drinking coffee and we set a new date with him so thats good!

Our thanksgiving was pretty busy. we went to 6 houses. I wish we could've planned it a little differently and just said yes to one family for the meal because we didn't get to "sit down" with someones fam and eat dinner. Our first stop was the senior center and we did service there so people who needed a meal would come and get a Thanksgiving meal. that was really fun!! then we went to someones house in the stake presidencies house. We got there 30 minutes before the meal and they gave us breakfast haha we hadn't eaten yet so that was yummy then we went down to their big shop/barn/office thing and its so nice! they had tons of family there but they didn't eat until 2. We left at 1:30 to go to someone else's house and by the time we got there they had already eaten so we got a small plate and then took some to go. We LOVE that family though. oh btw... if you were wondering. literally everyone is related to everyone here haha its crazy! anyways, we went to another families house and had pie and we took a to go plate haha then we went to our actual dinner appointment and didn't eat because we were all full but we shared a thankful message and talked about serving and then brought in the christmas initiative #LighttheWorld (go check it out if you havent yet). then we went to the high council mans house over missionary work (dad's calling) and had dessert and talked with them. The elders showed up so that was fun. then we went to the Withers house and said "WE ARE DONE WITH DESSERT AND PIE" haha she helped us make some turkey/ham sandwiches. So that was yummy. Then we headed home. Its been good a good week! 

So we went on exchanges and saw some major miracles.... I was with Sister McOmber and shes a visa waiter. We had missed the road we needed to turn on and so we went to turn around at this crossroad. I had this feeling to make the turn wide and I didn't know why but I do now. As we turned to go back onto the road this big truck wizzed past us and if I wouldn't have made the turn so wide I could've been hit and I could have literally died... My life flashed before my eyes but I am so grateful we are both here and I know that angels are protecting us every single day. 

Well I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH! We finished the Book of Mormon this week and I know that it is true! I know this gospel is true and I love you all so much

Keep the Faith,
Sister Summer Stone

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