Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 36


HELLLLOOOO TO ALLLLL!!! This week has been awesome! 

It still is really hard to get into peoples homes to teach them during the week because everyone moved on from harvesting potatoes to harvesting sugar beats! yeah, sugar beats are a thing, don't worry. I had never heard of them till I came out here to Oakley.  haha

So we got a referral a few weeks ago for a former investigator and his name is Parke Bunn. He is about 85 years old and the reason they told us to go visit him is because he's an old lonely man but we asked him if we could teach him the lessons and he willingly accepted. So this week we stopped by to teach him the Restoration and he had been reading the Book of Mormon the whole week and loved it! During the lesson he kept getting a little distracted when we would try to make analogies but by the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized and he said he would think about it. He told us that what we were teaching him made sense and he wanted to make a change for the better. As we were about to walk out he said, "how does your church do baptism? is it a sprinkling?" and we said, "No Parke, its by full emersion just like Christ was baptized." and he kinda got kinda nervous and said, "well, I'm afraid of water.... but when theres a will theres a way."  haha He is such a cute man and he truly has been prepared for this time. His wife passed away a few years ago and she was totally active before she passed. He even told us during our first visit that it was his time!! #PRAYFORPARKE

Remember our crazy lesson last week with the kids screaming, phone ringing and the cats chasing belts story? Well, we went to teach her again this week and decided to go BEFORE all the kids got home from school so we did and we watched the Restoration video and you would never guess what happened! Literally as Joseph Smith was walking into the sacred grove... HER PHONE STARTED TO RING! AND SHE PICKED IT UP!!!! You have got to be kidding me! "Get thee hence Satan!" We were able to get the spirit back before the end of the video and we invited her to be baptized and she said she would if she knows what we're teaching her is true. She is moving to the neighboring town so we will pass her off to the other missionaries over there but please continue to keep her in your prayers. I know she can feel the spirit if she allows herself to. There is obviously a reason satan is trying so hard for her to not be able to feel the spirit. haha 

Well, I love you all so so much! Remember to keep the faith! 

Sister Summer Stone

Zone conference with Sister Cluff and Sister Carling
Hobbs a little 8 yr old we taught got baptized on Saturday
Dayton another 8 yr old we taught
Selfie w/ Sis Cluff

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