Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 34


Once upon a time there were some starving poor missionaries in Oakley, Idaho and Heavenly Father blessed them SO MUCH!! So we have been able to see so many miracles this past week. I will get to the food part but first some teaching miracles. 

Last week was really hard because we were just trying to meet the ward council to know WHO to visit because the records the sisters left were not very good. haha anyways, we visited a lot more people this week. So theres this lady that the sisters have been teaching forever.. and when i say forever i mean like 12 years... haha anyways, we stopped by and got to know her, her house smelled like cigarettes and she told us the only thing holding her back from getting baptized is that she smokes. And then she told us , "As soon as I stop smoking, I'll get baptized. Oh and by the way, my sister is moving in next week and she doesn't let me smoke around her, so I'll be stopping a lot sooner than I expected or wanted." WOOHOO! We invited her to start the Book of Mormon over again and to pray for strength to stop smoking. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER TOO!  

We got a referral online for the Thompson's and we went and knocked on the door it said and they didn't answer and we really need to go to the bathroom so we knocked on their door cause we were like 10 miles out from anything else besides cows and fields. haha ANYWAYS! So the neighbors invited us in and as we looked around, we realized that they were the Thompson's. THEY WERE THE REFERRAL! haha it was a little miracle from heaven the first door didn't answer so we could actually knock on the right door. We got to know them and they know a ton of members and work for members and love members. Which isn't hard to do around here cause like 80% are members but they were really welcoming. Pray for the Thompson's! There were SO many miracles this week that was just 2 of them. Now onto the free food part! haha

There's this member family that we just met yesterday and they're super cool! anyways, they gave us a tour of their house and she was showing us her food storage closet and she was like, "Here! Choose a box of cereal! Oh and here's some homemade salsa I made yesterday and some chips. and this huge package of ramen, and here's some fresh fruit and here's some snacks and pretzels. Do you need anything else?" and she looks up and sister Cluff and I are shedding actual tears of joy and laughter because we got SO MUCH FREE FOOD!!! I love the people of Idaho, they do not understand how much they do for us. Heavenly father literally answered our prayers because I currently am very low on my bank account haha!

Well, I love you all so so much! keep the faith and remember how amazing this gospel is! it truly blesses our lives. I know God is mindful of all of us no matter where we are in life and who we are. He wants the best for us.

Love Always,
Sister Summer Stone

1.population 763. Gotta love Oakley
2. just some of our free food #blessed

3.went and toured our bishops potato farm and got more free food! #stillblessed

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