Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 39


So, I am staying with Sister Cluff this transfer in Oakley!!! We are so excited!! 

This week has been pretty slow again. This is just a hard time of the year for everyone in this area where people are harvesting. But I mean without the harvest y'all wouldn't have these good potatoes from Idaho right?? ;) haha

Hope you all have had an amazing week. We moved to a new house and we were able to go to 3 ward parties and we have 1 more tonight. You would not believe how much candy we've gotten. haha Its a good thing too because we have to be in our apartment at 6:30 due to safety but we'll just be eating candy and taking funny videos with our new wigs that were apart of our costumes. SOOOO drum roll..... haha Sister Cluff and I dressed up as each other. They didn't have any wigs that looked necessarily like our exact hair but it was fun. We switched tags and hair... haha its about all we could do. Ihe members loved it

We had an awesome lesson last night with a less active couple we are working with to get to the temple. We decided to do a Book of Mormon read with them and the spirit as we testified about how much the BofM blesses our lives was so strong. I know that by studying and reading the BofM every single day we will be able to grow closer to our savior Jesus Christ. I know this gospel is true!!! Ah don't you just love how much peace we can feel through our savior and the gospel. I just love it! I know "it's all true"

I have hit my 9 month mark errybody. haha I can't believe I have already been out this long. It feels like I haven't been home in a long time but I absolutely love my mission. I know this is exactly where I need to be and I am meeting people every single day that I just grow to love so so much. I love Idaho and I know some of you might think its funny how many farms and potatoes are out here but I consider this place home. I know there are still people that i need to meet and share my testimony with to strengthen. I love my mission and I can't wait for all the new memories to continue to come!

Love you all LOTSSS!!! Keep the faith and remember to send letters! :))))))

Sister Summer Stone
1111 So Cole Rd.
Boise ID, 83709

1. Our Halloween costumes!
2. Happy 9 months
3. Our old house in Oakley

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