Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 35


HELLO FAMILIA! Ok, this is a big week for y'all at home! CARLI, MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD, IS GETTING MARRIED ON SATURDAY! ok, now that I got that out... haha This past week was kinda slow but we were able to have a lot of cool experiences. Plus conference was AWESOME wasn't it? 

Last pday we went on a hike with our district and it was really cool. The place is called City of Rocks and its a must see if you ever come to Burley, Idaho or around there haha. On Tuesday we had some really good lessons. Some of them were kinda insane and others the spirit was super strong. We had a lesson with a less active who hasn't been to church in like 10 years and we taught her about the atonement and as I was sharing my testimony, the spirit was just so strong I swear we could have cut it with a knife! I know that the atonement is real and that no matter where we are in life, God always is ready for us to come back. He's ready for us to jump into his open arms. I know that to be true!

Our crazy lesson that day was with our investigator Lori. We were teaching her the Restoration and the spirit was there and just slowly and slowly as we kept getting closer to the first vision, the house just got more chaotic and literally seconds before I was going to share Joseph Smiths account of the first vision, Lori's phone started to ring, the kids were all talking and trying to show us all their new homework assignments and the youngest girl was running around the room screaming with a belt in her hand and 2 of the 7 cats in the house were chasing her. haha I seriously wanted to laugh so hard at how hard satan was trying to ruin this situation. ITS OK THOUGH BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO TEACH IT AGAIN AND THE SPIRIT IS GONNA BE SO STRONG SHE'S NOT GONNA BE ABLE TO DENY IT!

I just absolutely adored conference. My favorite talk was Elder Oaks. I want to also invite you, just as he did to pray to know who of your friends or family members are ready to be taught by the missionaries. I know there are people everywhere that are ready to be taught we just have to find them. 

Love you all so so much!! Keep the Faith.

Sister Summer Stone

#1 city of rocks
#2 ^same
#3 Exchanges. We had a picnic out on the grass
#4 city of rocks again haha

#5 Conference

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