Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 42

Hello!! Oh what is up everyone? 
Our week has just been awesome! It's been a really fun week. We got to go to Twin falls last week because Sister Cluff needed some winter clothes. We got to go to the mall and we got to get Cafe Rio #YAS! It was just a good day overall. 

We had Zone Conference this weekend and it was all about the new christmas initiative which we're super pumped about because it's all about service. if you wanna know more, ask the missionaries in your ward and they'll tell ya! But its like a really simple way to help all your friends and family come closer to the gospel. We're all super excited. At zone conf we had this thing called zone olympics. Lets just say the Burley zone (our zone) literally one at everything!! including the giant tug of war haha that was so insanely fun and i was so insanely sore the next day because I used all my strength to win! #legsofsteelnow. 

We did some fun service this week too. Something I noticed in this area is that we haven't done like any service. We helped clean up someone's yard and there was a giant bon fire. i felt like i was throwing tumble weeds onto the sun...thats how hot it was haha my eyes were watering. The pic was when the fire had like calmed down. So you can just imagine. 

I told y'all about our investigator Parke last week. Anyways. we had an amazing lesson on faith and invited him to church again. He came and he's planning on gettin g baptized on December 3rd. Please please pray for him! He's a wonderful man and being able to see the gospel affect his life has been beautiful.

I know this gospel is true with all my heart and I know that god is so mindful of time.  I love you all!
Keep the faith!!

Sister Summer Stone

1. Parke Bunn our 86 yr old investigator at church
2. Zone Olympics
3. Service in Idaho
4. ^same

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