Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 37


Hello to everybody!!! How are you all?? This week has been kinda slow. Still in harvest and no one is ever home haha plus Sister Cluff was sick so we weren't able to go visit people but we watched every movie that has the church stamp on the back! BUT we still saw miracles. Its amazing how much Gop blesses us. Literally everyday he blesses us. 

Sister Cluff and I both gave talks yesterday in 2 of our wards. We both talked on how to become more Christlike. I focused on when we read the Book of Mormon, we can grow closer to Christ because it is another testament of Jesus Christ. I know that's true! I love our wards here! 

We went to a part member families house this weekend and we got to talk with the daughter Sam, who is a senior in high school and I felt prompted to share my testimony on the atonement and I helped her understand that Christ is there not only for our sins but also for our pains and sorrows, and our happiness and joys. I know the atonement is so real and I'm so grateful that we can lean on our Savior for strength. She told us she wasn't interested but I know we had a good experience and I shared that for a reason. Maybe I just planted a seed, but there's a reason for everything. 

Well, I love you all SO much! keep the faith!!! 

Send some love,

Sister Summer Stone

Pday activity this week- straw maze!!
Icecream machines at members

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