Friday, March 10, 2017

Week 54


Fun fact... It is starting to get warm here in Idaho!! When I say warm I mean 40's. But oh man, that's warm here. haha I think I saw some green(er) grass today where the snow melted. Also, there was some dirty snow on the side of the highway and if you looked at it at the right spot it kinda looked like sand. (tender mercies from Heavenly Father). All of the fields are full of waters here again from all the snow melting. Some of the water even made it into peoples basements. So that has been the center of our exciting week. But hey, another tender mercy is that the big bodies of water in the fields look like lakes so that is beautiful!

We did have a few good lessons this week but majority of our week was really slow. We had some awesome lessons with Sydney and David this week. It seemed like each lesson seemed to come back to the fact that we need to keep the commandments and how having faith that God will help us it will make it possible (1st Nephi 3:7) One night we had another lesson at a members home and Sydney was sick so David just came and we shared the video "The Hope of Gods Light". The spirit was so strong and we all shared after what we can do and how we can improve to grow closer to God. Everyone's response seemed to involve having faith and doing the little things like going to Church/keeping the sabbath day holy, Praying, and Reading our scriptures. We like to call this spiritual CPR. Chruch, Pray, Read. I know as we do the little things in life to follow Gods commandments, He will find a way for us to accomplish His will. I know God knows and loves each and everyone of us. I want you all to make a goal of either sharing CPR or starting to do CPR more in your home and daily life.

Keep the Faith!!!
Sister Summer Stone

1: We went Ice skating for Preparation Day last week and I think I had 2 right feet skates on but it was fun so that's good haha
2: More pics from Monday

3: Giant icicles 

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