Friday, March 10, 2017

Week 56


HELLO FAMILY! how is hawaii?? so jealous haha not really, because I get to be out here preaching the gospel!!!!! 

We had stake conference this week and oh my! This is some exciting stuff in the Oakley Stake. Our stake presidency got reorganized because the stake president is going to be a mission president in Knoxville, Tennessee. Every talk given in the adult session talked about member missionary work somehow. I know how crucial member missionary work is!

Speaking of member missionary work.... ;) we got a referral from a 12 yr old in one of our wards and when we went to contact them they were so excited to see us. We were able to come in and chat with them. They are the Prow Family. Beck Prow the mom kept saying, "oh yes, we are believers! Christ has changed our lives!" We explained to them that the purpose of our message is to strengthen others faith in Christ. We had a great talk about religion and the importance of God in our lives. We asked if we could set up a return appointment and she said, "Well, you tell me. Do you want to com back?" YESSS!!! haha Of course we do!!!

We had an incredible lesson with a part member family, the Smiths. I'm not sure if I've talked about them yet. anyways.. Gene is not a member is interested in learning. We taught the 1st half of the plan of salvation with him and as we all shared our testimonies he said, "Well, I don't know about this whole repenting thing... that might take a while for me with all the things i've done" We were all able to share our testimony aout how the Atonement has changed our lives


Sister Summer Stone

-Selfie in da car cause 6 months as comps!! 
-Feeding baby goats on preparation day last week
-Crazy beautiful sunsets here! (not as pretty as hawaii I'm sure fam haha)
-Happy Valentines day! Love you all so much!!
-More baby goats
-Sister Barlett- "Can you take a picture of me and my friends?" HAHA Love her so much!!

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