Friday, March 10, 2017

Week 55


HOLA FAMILIA! or should I say ALOHA. I hope you all have a blast in Hawaii this week and miss me a lot. haha I think I might have jinxed the weather last week in my email because is snowed on Tuesday morning and rained off and on the whole beginning of the week. I still absolutely love this area and I know there's a reason I am here.

We had an amazing answer to our prayers and fasting this week. So we have been really worried about Mike our investigator and so we have been trying to know how to help him progress and how to know how to help him with that desire. We had an awesome lesson with him on Wednesday and he opened up with us and thanked us for never giving up on him. He said, "I know I need to do my part. God has been there waiting for me and you have been waiting here for me. I know you want the best for me and my family. Thanks sisters" We continued to pray for Mike and his family, send him encouraging texts to keep going, and on Sunday he came to sacrament and we went up to him after and invited him to sunday school and priesthood meeting. He said he had "somethin' else he had to go do". BUT whatever he had to go do got cancelled and he said "something" was prompting him to come back. THATS THE SPIRIT!!!! I know this gospel is true and i love this area

oh btw, we went and filled sand bags with the youth in our wards and after they turned on some country music and everyone got up and started country dancing. You know you're a red neck when you have a county dance party in a "spud cellar"!



filling sandbags in the spud cellar #beforethedanceparty
The floods in our area
lol when you have all do a timer picture and no one looks at the same camera

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