Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 71


I cannot express how much I LOVE my mission. I really do! and I am in the ABSOLUTE best mission in the wordl!!! I love the Idaho Boise Mission and each day I am reminded of how much God loves the people here, especially here in little Filer, Idaho. Love it! Missions are literally the best thing ever!

Ok, so the work is amazing here. Sister Amani is great and we are just seeing so much success.

We had the privilege to go to the temple with the Hawkin's (Lily, their daughter is the 11yr old girl who got baptized a few weeks ago). What a blessing to see all those beautiful little children dressed in white? I know that at that moment the Spirit was there testifying to all of us that God knows each of them and wants the best for them. Through the priesthood power, they are now going to be able to be an eternal family.

We met a new woman this week. She is a single mom of 4 kids. She has so many questions and is so ready for the gospel. She wants to know for herself which church is true. She wants to find that peace in her life that Christ can bring. PRAY FOR HER! 

PS, I know that I am in this area for a reason. There are people we meet that I know I am here for.

Sorry no pictures for this week. I lost my camera. BUT I found it haha so expect more next week. 


Sister Summer Stone

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