Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 73


I love my mission! So much. So many miracles this week. I just love it! haha 

So last week we got this referral for a family, the Hernandez family. They are so prepared. Sister Amani and I are so blessed that Heavenly Father trusts us to allow us to work with this family. During our first visit with the whole family they asked, "So how soon can someone get baptized?" WHAT??? We set a baptismal date with them for August 12th. The whole family wants to get baptized. The mom, dad, and 2 of the sons came to church yesterday even though they had been out late working the night before. 

I know that God answers our prayers. They told us over and over and over again that they would be at church so we saved them a row. The sacrament started to get passed and I knew they were still going to come so I said very faithful prayer to Heavenly Father and asked him to help them to walk in after the sacrament was passed. I knew that He knew I was going to pray for that and I knew that He knew what He needed to do to help their family come to church. After the sacrament was passed and the first youth speaker was almost done, Sister Amani and I looked to the door and there they were, looking for that row we had saved them. They stayed for all 3 hours and from what we heard they thoroughly enjoyed it. They even introduced themselves as Brother and Sister Hernandez. Everyone in the ward welcomed them with open arms. 

I went on exchanges with Sister Dalton and 2 stories to share. Ok,also just to let you all know, EXCHANGES ARE SERIOUSLY ALWAYS FILLED WITH MIRACLES! And this week did not disappoint. 

NUMERO UNO. So this is just a funny story. We were trying to meet with this new investigator that the sisters met and she wasn't there. She is a refugee and so her whole family doesn't speak English. So there is this very dark man from Uganda who doesn't speak a word of English. He looks at us as we say, "Is Bokumeza here?" and he tries to tell us something but we literally did not understand a word he said. He ends up going to the closet and grabbing his shoes. He pointed at us to follow him and kept saying, "Bokumeza! Bokumeza! Bokumeza!" So we followed him for a few minutes then he was about to cross the street into a different area... so we couldn't go. Poor man didn't understand and we didn't even know his name so we just called him "Joe" haha 

Ok, quick spiritual story!! So the Lord is mindful of each second of every day. We had a really slow night and we only had 30 more minutes. We prayed and prayed and PRAYED to find that one person that Heavenly Father had been preparing.  We followed each of the promptings we received but no one was willing to accept the gospel right now. So we left and headed off to these apartments. We prayed ONE more time to find that elect person. As we said "Amen" we looked up and saw Karen. She was so prepared. I love this gospel and I know that God listens to our prayers.  

KEEP THE FAITH! Love you all!

Sister Summer Stone

Exchanges this week
Joe... haha
Preparation day last week
Sister Amani and I

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