Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 72


The subject line was an excuse that someone used for not being able to come to church haha BESIDES THE POINT! 

We have had an AMAZING week. Let me tell ya. Heavenly Father is blessing missionaries all around the world with so much success. God is gathering His elect and what a blessing that us as missionaries have to be apart of it. Ah I LOVE my mission and the miracles we see every single day. So many things to tell y'all and not enough time to tell it!

Funny story first... So we got this referral for a girl who was in need of some major help so we went and introduced ourselves to her and on our second visit her boyfriend was there and not too sure if this was on purpose or not but can y'all say PDA? haha Sister Amani and I felt super awk cause we're missionaries 1st of all and we're just awkward all the time and 2nd because ya know... that's just weird. The daughter was watching youtube videos and dancing in the corner as the son's came running in holding salamanders.. SO much going on in that house. haha I wanted to laugh OUT LOUD!! So when they walked out to "take a smoke" we just walked out and said we'd come back in a few days... they are just hiding now. 

It's amazing how Heavenly Father's spirit prompts us to say and do simple things that you don't realize will make a difference till after. We went to visit this less active family and we were just visiting on the porch cause that's what people in Idaho do. Anyways, they have this son in law who was visiting and I felt like we needed to talk to him so as he was walking away I didn't know what to say and he waved and said goodbye to the family and me... being me.. haha said "Yeah, it was nice to meet you." He got out of his car and said, "I am so so sorry. I'm Matthew." We talked for about 30 minutes, gave him and Book of Mormon, Plan of Salvation pamphlet, and passed him off to the Elders in Twin Falls where he lives. And it was all because I felt prompted to say "it was nice to meet you." Miracles and blessing out the WAZOO!! 

Ok. So Brother Stuart, my dear friend here in Filer got baptized this weekend. Such a special day for him and his family. He was able to just take that first step to enter into the kingdom of God with his sweet wife for all eternity. What a special spirit that was felt there. I love being here on my mission and being able to meet people and say, "I am here on my mission in Idaho for you." I know that Brother Stuart is one of those people. How blessed I was to be able to see him enter into the waters of baptism and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Brother Stuart came up out of the water and just started to laugh. He was so happy. He felt that warm feeling of love that our Eternal Father has for each of us. AH what an amazing day for him.

I love my mission so much and I am so grateful for the experiences we have and the people I meet. I know this gospel is true. I know that God knows each of us and he is preparing so many people to receive this gospel we just have to be ready and prepared to take them under our wing and introduce them to the blessings that await them in the eternities.

IT'S ALL TRUE! I love you all! KEEP THE FAITH!!

Sister Summer Stone

1. MLC with some of my favs
2. Another one from MLC
3. Brother Stuart's Baptism (he is the one on the right)

4. We planted succulents because we're weird and wanted our home to feel like home haha

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