Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 76


HELLO FAMILY AND FRIENDS! So we were emailing earlier and the internet stopped working and didn't save anything I had written so I am going to try my best to quickly write up a rundown of our miraculous week! :) THE LORD ALWAYS PROVIDES!! I love my mission! I know the Lord leads and guides this work because he is working with imperfect teenagers basically haha. He is able to get this work done with leading and guiding us as his servants. We are all just trying our best to listen to those promptings.

So, Sister Fallas and I are seeing miracle after miracle and it's incredible to see where the Spirit leads us. This past week we were out trying some potential investigators and we weren't seeing any success and then all of a sudden a name that I had seen on the whiteboard in the apartment came to my mind so I asked Sister Fallas, "Do you know an investigator Yvett? I think I saw her name on the board at home. Her name just came to my mind." (S/O to the spirit!!!) and she hadn't heard of her. Turns out after we ran home to get her address and info that she was a former investigator and for some reason her name still wasn't erased from the board (the spirit again!!). So we ran over as quickly to her apartment and she didn't answer... no one was home.. So we said "ok, why are we here? The Lord is guiding us in a mysterious way right now" We knocked on all the doors in her building (no one answered any doors) and on the last door we knocked on this little Arabian lady who spoke ZERO English comes out and tries to talk to us. Her neighbors had a little girl playing outside who spoke Arabic (miracle) and so she translated as much as she could for us. We (miracle again!!!) had one Book of Mormon in ARABIC left in the car!! WHAT?? We left our phone number and the Book with her. Don't know what seed we planted there but I am so grateful that we listened to the spirit to find this wonderful women who God knows and understands. 

ONE MORE MIRACLE REALLY QUICK! AH there are way too many and not enough time!! :( So There is this woman that the elders serving in a different stake in Twin Falls taught and she just moved to our area. She hasn't been answering our calls but we FINALLY got a hold of her and set up a time to meet. She is so ready and prepared to be baptized. She struggles with some Word of Wisdom but she knows it's bad and she knows she shouldn't do it. So, (led by the spirit again) We addressed her concerns and set a baptismal date with her for the end of September. She was at church and is completely engaged into the gospel. She LOVES the peace she feels and every time we see her she tells us "I know I'm on the right path"

I can promise you all that if we are working towards keeping the commandments and doing our best each day to be able to have the Holy Ghost in our lives, we are on the right path. There's a quote and I don't remember who it's from but it says something like, "the Lord doesn't care about your speed. All he cares about is your direction" I know that that is true and I know this gospel is true! 

I love you all!! KEEP THE FAITH!

Sister Summer Stone

ps, 2 little girls being taught here in Twin got baptized this weekend. What a special day for them.

1. Temple today!! 
2. MLC
3. It's official.. I'm on the board

4. Baylee and Brielle (the sister's who got baptized this week)

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