Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 74


Well, isn't life great?? I'm sorry if I sound like I'm on repeat or something but my mission is the best decision I have ever made. I love the people we meet and the experiences we have each day. It's been a really hot, slow week but we have still seen miracles because GUESS WHAT?? God loves ALL His children! Yes, He loves you!! Okay, here's a run down of our week.

So Dan and Alex Stuart took those steps into the waters of baptism this weekend and wow. There was so much joy flowing from that font. Brother Stuart, yes, Brother Stuart from a few weeks ago, he was able to receive the Aaronic priesthood and he was able to baptize 2 of his sons. What a special time!! It filled my heart with JOY to see them all embrace in the font and smile and laugh. We could hear them all laughing and talking in the bathroom as we were teaching the Restoration while they got dressed. We all couldn't help but laugh and know that THAT is why I have given up 18 months of my life to teach people the gospel. THAT is why we go out on those hot summer days to find the elect. THAT is why we pray at least 30 times a day to have the Lord lead and guide us. I will always have a special place in my heart for the Stuart family

This week we had a very special lesson with the Hernandez family as well. We were teaching them the 3rd lesson, the gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was just not present for some reason. All the kids were being disrespectful and the teenagers were on their phones so Sister Amani and I brought out the big guns. I looked at the kids and they were playing with this stick so I grabbed it from them with love and I said, "OK everyone, listen. Sister Amani has something really important she is telling you" and she bore one of the greatest testimonies I have heard in a really long time. The spirit was BURNING in there. We all could feel it. I know how important this gospel is. I know that this is SO important. I love my mission


Sister Summer Stone

1. Dan and Alex Stuart's baptism with Brother Stuart baptizing them :) :)
2. Zone Conference
3. Just an adorable little person that I love haha
4. Hernandez family <3

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